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Updated 31st July 2001

The Wheatsheet is an independent humorous publication related to events at, and staff and patrons (real and imaginary) of the Wheatsheaf Public House, The Green, Writtle, Essex. 

The opinions expressed in the Wheatsheet may not be those of the editor or of the current management of the  Wheatsheaf Public House.
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The Wheatsheet was first published in June 1997 by the renowned Mad Pub Magazine Publisher Jan Przybyla (above) for the amusement of the patrons and visitors of Wheatsheaf public house.
Since 1997, seven issues of the Wheatsheet have been published plus a picture special for January 2000. During 2000, all the issues where archived on the Web and publication of the Wheatsheet continued as the Wheatsheet Online.

The Wheatsheaf Public House, The Green, Writtle, Essex

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The Wheatsheet Online
Wheatsheet Online #1  
May 2000
Wheatsheet Online #2
  June 2000
Wheatsheet Online #3
December 2000
Folk Night at The Wheatsheaf
 12th May 2001
July 2001 Announcements

The Wheatsheet Archive
The Wheatsheet archive contains most of the content of the paper published Wheatsheet.

History of the Wheatsheaf

Wheatsheet No 1

Wheatsheet No 3

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Wheatsheet No 2

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Wheatsheet No 8

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