Encore for the Sheaths

The second annual meeting of the Wheatsheaf Rugby protagonists occurred last Sunday (25th May) after Maurice, "nobody will be able to get a hand on me..." Cooney had once again challenged the ‘Public Schoolboys’ to a thrashing on The Green and Dave, "sure its only a bit of fun..." McCarthey had accepted the gauntlet.

At 10.30 on a sunny morning the two sides, The ROUGHY HEADS, Geoff Armitage, Dave Bolding, Maurice Cooney, Chris Davis, Lee Ellis, Ian Harvey, John Haughton and Dave Hayes faced The SHEATHS, Graham Bloomer, Tony Curtin, Jules Gibson, Will Gregory, Matt Hitchcock, Andy Lewis, Dave McCarthy and Paul Shipton faced each other while local dignitary, and referee for the match, Mike Cutting laid down the rules of engagement. The eighty-five to nil score line was an improvement on last years seventy to five result, but at the end of the day, as Maurice was heard to say, "its the game that counts, not the result".


Dave McCarthy

The Winners
Both sides played in the spirit of the thing and made for entertainment for the crowd. The referee was everywhere and blew up when needed for the odd few hundred forward passes. The only stern blast on the whistle being for dissention in the Sheaths ranks when Will argued with his captain after an infringement, this was surprising as Dave had only been quietly encouraging his side throughout the match.

Early on in the game Mike had seemed to single out Graham, "why the hell are you running sideways", Bloomer who had asked the previous day, "Have we managed to get an unbiased referee this year?"


Maurice’s team, while perhaps not having the same level of rugby playing members, gave their all and could not really have given much more. It did look at one point as if they would score when Ian stretched out to ground the ball and was heard to say "Will that do?" alas no but a valiant effort if somewhat away from the try line. The inclusion of John and Dave this year had brought some playing knowledge into the team but the steam rolling effect of the opposition was too great.

Half way through the first half Maurice tried a tactical substitution when he replaced himself with Chris, while Jules came on for the second half for an injured Andy, after an incident the ref must have missed.


The Losers
After the match was settled Mike presented the winning side with the crate of trophies which were cleverly crafted to look like pint bottles full of beer. Once these had been shared between the sides it was time for post match comments such as, "if I held the ball I should have kicked it and if I kicked it I should have run with it" and " I reckon we were stitched up".

Ok so it was one sided but in the words of the immortal bard, "its not the taking part, its the winning that counts".

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