Writtle Bed Push

The bed push last year was held on Saturday 12th July 1997 and consisted of 14beds pushed by various teams from the village and outside. The Bed Push raised ,3,150 which was donated to three causes: these being Writtle Junior School PTA, Writtle Infants School Parents Association and the Little Haven Hospice. Each was presented with a cheque for ,1,050 at the Wheatsheef public house Writtle on December 19th 1997.


The Stumblers

Four and twenty drunkards, trotting through the dark
Drinking time is over, they’re ready for a lark
Rude gestures to a lady
Moonies to the sky
So watch the wall my darling
While the Wheatsheaf men go by

The Wheatsheaf now is closing and drinking time is through
So it
=s down for cobra lager and a vindaloo
Then stumbling
>cross the village green
=s time to drop the fly
So don
=t touch the wall my darling
Since the Wheatsheaf men passed by


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