What an interesting spring it has been! Along with our many resident species this year has seen a variety of overseas visitors. Nesting in the village for the first time we have seen a Liver bird (gobus cavernus). The two chicks that arrived at the same time have attracted the attention of many twitchers and also the unwanted attention of several local chick hawks.

Among the overseas visitors we have had sightings of the Polish parakeet (tin tinus bangus), a bird popular with cage-bird keepers where it will sit for hours talking to itself in the mirror. It is often seen in the company of the red piper, a shy creature of which little is known, as there is something of a smoke-screen around it
=s activities.

The French nest- builder (manu fanus) known for it
=s raucous tones and loud plumage has been resident for many years and seems likely to remain here for the foresee-able future.

The Saxon cuckoo is still with us and continues laying large controversial eggs, leaving them for others to deal with.

Sightings of the gray headed brick-pecker have been rare of late, which may be due to it spending more time with a related species, the long chequered pubkeeper.

Sadly it would appear that the Brewster rooster is no longer breeding locally as no young have be seen in recent times (See below ed.). We can only assume that it now confines it
=s breeding to it=s migratory periods in the Baltic states.

Finally we must note the absence of the Writtle warbler (blokus blokus), who like the nightingale can usually be heard singing at all hours of the night

Fred Field


A busy time for the Brewsters!

We are pleased to announce the joining in wedlock, in Writtle church on the 6th June of:

Ben Brewster and Beverly Tapp (Spinster of the Parish of Writtle). The staff at the Wheatsheet wish them a pleasant day and every happiness in their future together.


Suddenly on 22 April in the lounge bar of the Wheatsheaf in Writtle the engagement of :

David Brewster and Penny Fowler (Spinster of the Parish of Braintree) was announced.

Was it the orange D.M boot laces?

Well done Dave!

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