Wheatsheet Online issue 1
May 2000

Welcome to the first issue of the Wheatsheet Online.  As usual the request for article has been out for months with one reply, but as the Wheatsheet Archive is now up-todate and online I have got a bit bored with the other things I have being doing, like setting fire to northern New Mexico a couple of weeks back. So my attention has returned to the Wheatsheet.

As most of you will know that the large whiskey bottle on the bar is used to collect money for worthy causes  each year.  The last cause was the Meningitis Fund an the grand counting and cheque presentation was on Saturday 29th May 2000.  For the occasion the well known local band The Two Blokes entertained the masses assembled in both bars to witness the presenation.  Additionally the same day coincided with a couple of birthdays namely The Reverend John Cornell and Sally Savage (of circle-of-friends, who were there to help Sally celebrate),   Happy Birthday to both.  Mind you they also share a birthday with Greg Dyke (controller BBC radio) and Leo Bliar (the Prime ministers youngest son born on that Saturday)

Anyway enough verbiage some pictures of Saturday evening that I just happened to snap during the evening.



Still plenty more to come so keep checking the website, your embarrassing picture  could be up next time!


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