The Fish Story Continues

Cast your minds back to Barbara's visit  to the colonies a couple of years ago and her ill-fated encounter with a Barrier Reef fish   (original story Wheatsheet 7). The poor fish (Hector) was totally traumatized by the encounter and needed extensive counseling.  Even after a prolonged course of treatment (funded by the Editor of the Wheatsheet)  poor Hector still had recurring nightmares, panic attacks and aqua phobia.  After consulting all the leading experts in the  field of Post Barbaric Reef Syndrome only one course of treatment seemed possible.  Hector would have to confront his tormentor, Barbara. This would mean finding Hector a  watery home  in Writtle and secretly transporting him there.

A solution was easily at hand.  Mick Banks (a long time fish fancier) had always wanted to build a giant fishpond and this was the excuse that Mick needed. With the help of trusted friends Dave and Les, construction of the giant pond commenced.

A couple of views of the pond during construction

The finished Fish Palace
Eventually the pond was finished (a veritable fish Palace) and was populated by many fish of all sizes.  We didn't want Hector to be alone.

Finally Hector in his new home and friends

When will Hector be ready to confront his tormentor and greatest nightmare, Barbara?
What will Barbara do when she finds out that Hector is in  a giant fishpond in Writtle?
Will everyone live happily ever after?

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The Fish Story Continues!

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