On Whingers and Whiners
Having endured the Iron Lady's hand-bagging tyranny for many years followed by the Sleaze years of Major and his cohorts, I watch and listen with amusement at the whinging and whining of those who got rich  in the heady Thatcher years at the tail end of the last century.

They are starting to realize that the pavements paved with gold have all been ripped up and the proceeds spent and we are starting to trip up on the potholes left behind. 

Even as a Philistine I am reminded of the Dark Ages, when the structure of the Roman Empire was dismantled by the new up and coming chieftains to
build their own little empires and fiefdoms.  Much as  the followers of the Iron Lady had dismantled much of society for the benefit of the few and the detriment of the many.  To some, nay many, those years were a new Dark Age.

Now as we approach a new enlightened age of structuring society for the benefit of all, and not just for a privileged few, the whinging and whining has begun. 

Who do I refer to?  We all know who they are.   The roller coaster days  are over, its time to pay the piper.  Times have got a bit hard for some and maybe they think the world owes them a living, so the whinging and whining about so called  high taxes they have to pay has begun.

Do not we,  the normal men/persons in the street  pay taxes?  Do we not buy petrol or diesel?  Of course we do.  But most of us realize that it may be for the better good.  The Dark Ages lasted from the 5th century to the onset of the 15th century.  How can we expect the structure of society to be rebuilt in a few years.  Or to put it simply. it took  nearly 20 years  to rip up the gold from the paved streets of our land leaving cavernous potholes.  It takes just a bit longer than a couple of years to repair the damage.

 I have a couple of suggestions for our whinging and whining friends.

Buy a few less Yorkie bars a day.   You will save money,  put on less weight and hence reduce the overall load and hence use less fuel, so saving money again!

What was it Norman Tebbitt once said "get on your bike".  How true in these environmentally  aware days.  Get a bike, you then won't need any petrol. So on your bike and stop whinging!


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