A night with the Two Blokes
December 9th 2000, The Wheatsheaf Public House

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It was music night at the Wheatsheaf on Saturday 9th December, with the well known local band bashing out a few numbers.  It must have been good even John C. stayed almost to the end.  It was nice to see some old friends made the special effort to come and visit us from the darkest depths of North Essex.

Some of you may have noticed it was Barbara's Birthday on Thursday.  Belated Happy Birthday wishes to Babara,  how is SAGA coping with you as a member?
 Again our intrepid staff snapper was out with his box browny.  A selection of the best are posted below.
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A  bottles of wine each for the best captions or speech bubbles.  Closing date 23rd December, winners announced Christmas Eve Evening.
Captions to me by hand or e-mail


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